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Band Classic

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Founded in 1984 by current Alabama Bandmasters Association president Lori Hart, the Daleville Invitational proudly showcases the most talented bands across Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Since its inception, some of the most prominent educators, conductors, and composers in the music education industry have served on its esteemed adjudication panels (see link) to include John M. Long, Jody Dunn, and Ski Winter. The 38th annual DIBC will be held on October 18th, 2024 on the nostalgic Livermore Field in Wahrawk Stadium on the campus of Daleville High School.


- Trophies for Superior ratings in each category
- Special Awards
- Experienced panel of judges focused on a growth mindset
- Commentary audio from each caption judge
- 4K performance videos from the press box
- Short distances between parking/stadium/warm-up/dressing rooms
- Large, lighted warm-up areas with restrooms in close proximity
- Warm-up areas with complimentary water
- Complimentary Hospitality Room for directors/bus drivers/chaperones
- Experienced hauling crew
- Well stocked concession stands
- Quick service food locations (Pizza/Water/Snow Cones/Fried Oreos/Drinks) to reduce wait time
- Dinner packages available for pre-purchase
- Excellent views from any seat in our amphitheatre styled stadium
- Band-o-grams throughout the day
- Dinner dance party
- Drum-Line Dinner Battle
The DIBC uses a traditional marching band festival adjudication system. Bands are evaluated in the following captions: Band, Guard, Majorette, Dance, Percussion, and Drum Major. All captions receive a numerical score, rating, commentary recording, video recording, and adjudication sheet. Three band judges are employed to complete individual adjudication. The overall band rating comes from an average of the three judges scores. Trophies are awarded for superior ratings (See Adjudication Forms located at the bottom of this page). Additional awards are given by a panel of incognito judges (See Special Awards). These awards include: The Director's Cup, Most Entertaining Band Award, Best Woodwind Section Award, Front Ensemble Award, Best Use of Color Award, Uniform Inspection Award, Most Original Field Entrance & Exit Award, and Best Soloist of the Day. The DIBC format was designed to best celebrate the contributions of both small and large ensembles. Directors can choose to specify comments only in any caption. 
Class is determined upon the total amount of winds and percussion as follows:
A = 1-35
AA = 36-50
AAA = 51-75
AAAA = 76-100
AAAAA = 101+
Bands will receive Division Ratings for their performance as follows:
I Superior
II Excellent
III Good
IV Fair
All bands and adjudicated sections who receive overall superiors will receive trophies.
Early Registration: $75 (due by August 23rd)                                 
Regular Registration: $100 (due by September 6th) 
Checks should be mailed to: Daleville Band, c/o Mark Nichols, 626 N Daleville Ave, Daleville, AL 36322       

Auxiliaries do not recieve penalties for the retrieval of dropped equipment. There is no minimum number of dancers/majorettes/color guard in order to be judged. Directors can choose to specify comments only in any caption. Fire is acceptable on our grass field. Performing bands assume responsibility for the safety of their performers while using fire. Field attendants are not provided for use during the show.

Traffic will be directed to both BUS and SPECTATOR parking areas. Bands will be assigned either "A (Band Practice Field)," "B (Community Center),'" or "C (Front of School)" parking areas. Please be aware that we do not allow personal vehicles in bus parking areas to ensure the safety of our participants at the end of the evening. Personal vehicles can be parked at the Donnell Blvd Shopping Center beside Warhawk Stadium. Parking is free for both buses and spectators.
Each participating student will receive a hand stamp upon bus exit. Bands receive chaperone arm bands based on the number of students registered.. General admission prices are $7 for adults, $4 for senior citizens 65 and older, and free for children under the age of 3.
Guides will join your group and stay with you from your arrival to the time that you are seated in the stadium. Guides have been thouroughly briefed on festival procedures and will help you in any way possible.
Seating areas for bands are reserved in the stadium. The number of seats reserved are based on the number of band members and adult chaperones registered by the band director. General admission seating is available in front of the press box.
Tentative schedules are sent out two weeks before curtain call. Final performance schedules are sent out the week before. Bands arriving late will be worked into the schedule at the convenience of the chairperson. Timing of the show begins with the first note of music. The band must be leaving the field by the end of the 11 minute time limit. Bands may use a sideline warm-up.
Dressing Rooms
Dressing rooms are availalbe in the DHS old gym before and after your performance. They are conveniently located a short walk from the buses parking area and warm-up. Emergency items are located in the dressing areas (safety pins/nail polish remober, etc.) and can be requested through out student guides.
Equipment Transportation
The Daleville Band Parents Association provides trailers to transport your front ensemble and podium to the performance field from the Bus Parking Area. Your equipment truck will be able to park beside your bus for easy access throughout the day.
Lighted warm-up areas are provided in front of Daleville High School. Each band is designated a warm-up area either in the center quad or in front of our JROTC building. Each area has its own watering station. Bathrooms are conveniently located directly inside the building for last minute emergencies. Band are scheduled to use the warm-up areas for 30 minutes prior to performances. Field equipment (podiums/front ensemble instruments, etc.) do not travel to the warm-up area. Students guides wil give the director a ten minute warning for convenience. The walk to the performance field requires a leisurely three minutes.
Performance Entrance/Exit
Your entrance will be from the back left side of the stadium (as you are looking at the field).  Exit left and back through the same gate. 
Press Box
There is no admittance into the press box. Your Announcer's Sheet will be emailed ahead of time to be added to our Press Box script. A "Note To Judges" sheet will be included in your packet if needed and can be delievered to the Press Box by one of your student guides. The note should be sent to the Press Box before warm-up if employed. Directors will pick up score packets and jump drives from the Press Box after the Awards Presentation. 
First Aid/Instrument Repairs
First aid stations are located inside of the stadium. Small medical items are also located in the dressing room. Emergency medical servies are available from the City of Daleville. If you require assistance, please let anyone in a red Daleville Band polo know. In case of severe emergencies, call 911 directly. Ambulances are on site or located a short distance away at City Hall throughout the day. 
Instrument repair services are available from Playgorund Music and/or Art's Music on the upper concourse.
Concession stands will be operational throughout the day for your enjoyment. A wide variety of food, snack, and drink items are available for purchase. Coolers are not permitted in Warhawk Stadium. Grilling out is not permitted on campus. Please encourage your parents to eat with us. This is our only means of financial success and continuation of this festival! Pre-sale meal deals are available to directors to pre-purchase in mass. Souvenirs are available directly from the Daleville Band and local vendors. Participating vendors vary from year to year.  
Hospitality Room
Bus drivers, chaperones, and directors will receive an official arm band that will grant them access to the Hospitality Room located inside of the DMS Activity Room. Air conditioning, snacks, and a television are available. Make sure you stop by to enjoy some fine Daleville food. 
Directors Only
Directors shoud feel free to come inside the Daleville Band Room and sit during the day. AC is available as well as a private bathroom area. During dinner, a Director's Meal is available from the Hospitality Room with a designated ticket between 5:45 and 6:30 pm. The special ticket will located inside or your welcome packet and given to you by our student guides. 
Dinner Break - Battle/Dance
The 38th annual Classic will have a formal Drum Battle at the beginning of the Dinner Break. Bands interesting in participating should indicate participation on their final registration form. Details about performance format and adjudication can be provided. At the completion of the Drum Battle, a site wide dance will begin between the two fences at the bottom of the stadium. The dance is DJ'd by Pride of the South Seniors who have completed a rigourous evaluation. 
Awards Ceremony
Student leaders accepting awards should select a location to stand on the front sideline. 
Stadium Rules
Personal pets are not allowed inside of Warhawk Stadium. Only registered service animals may enter. Our stadium is a no alcohol, no illicit drugs, no smoking, no firearm facility as mandated by state law. No food or drinks should be brought into the stadium. Children are not allowed to play on the grass banks at the ends of the stadium. Spectators are asked to stay off the playing field, track, and embankment at all times. Please do not sit in the aisles, on the steps, or block walkways. Additionally, glass containers or bottles are not allowed in the stadium.
Directors new to marching competitions are encouraged to contact Daleville Director of Bands, Mark Nichols, or Assistant Director of Bands, Stephanie Robertson, for additional details and guidance. Personnel associated with The Daleville Invitational Band Classic are proud to have nurtured the growth of music educators across the southeast and look forward to doing so in any capacity. 


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