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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
The mission of the Daleville High School is to educate and graduate prepared and productive citizens.


Vision Statement
Daleville High School is committed to the educational and personal growth of every member of our community.


“War Hawks Lead the Way!”

We believe in rigorous learning for all - today, tomorrow, and forever.
We believe in quality teaching from a well-equipped, dedicated staff.
We believe in building relationships that provide a sense of family.
We believe in promoting excellence and accountability in everything we do.
We believe in ensuring a safe, diverse, and supportive environment.
We believe in clear, caring, and continual communication.
We believe we can reach our goals by partnering with students, parents, and our community.
We believe we must be noble citizens who walk the War Hawk Way.
We believe hard work prepares us for the future.
We believe we must dream big, have high standards, and strive for success.
We believe we must be good leaders and decision-makers who inspire and motivate others.
We believe everyone has value and talents that should be celebrated.
We believe in learning from our failures as we persevere to succeed.
We believe in Daleville and love it. We are the Mighty War Hawks and we will rise!

"The Daleville Experience"

Daleville High School is the third of three sequential public schools serving the City of Daleville. Students in grades K-4 attend Windham Elementary School. Students in grade 5-8 attend Daleville Middle School. Students 7-12 attend Daleville High School. The curriculum of all three institutions has been designed to prepare students academically and personally for the challenges ahead of them as adults in our society. The high school builds on the “Leader In Me” curriculum started in the elementary school and becomes the first real-life opportunity for students to display these important habits as members of our school community. Daleville High School is proud to have a large number of student-led clubs and civic organizations. Our goal is to create independent community members capable of serving in leadership roles throughout our community.

The “Daleville experience” is a unique opportunity for your child to experience the challenging academic and extra-curricular activities offered at larger institutions, but in a small, hometown environment. The student to teacher ratio at the high school is 17 to 1 and our school population is only 360. Our small population and large instructional work force give your teen the opportunity to not be another face in the crowd, but a student with a name, unique talents, and a dream of reaching their life goals. Our faculty and staff go out of their way to know each and every student. Because we know them as an individual, and because we know you as a parent, we are able to better help them make responsible choices and grow academically.

Despite our small size, we offer competitive academic programs for our students. Daleville High School offers AP English, AP History, AP Biology, and will soon add the option of AP Chemistry. Currently, we are converting our in person, upper level classes to dual enrollment through universities in the area. Dual enrollment gives students the ability to depend on receiving the college credit based on a lengthy academic commitment; and not leave the possibility of earning a college credit to chance (a chance completed in one 60 minute test session). We are also part of the ACCESS initiative that provides students the option of studying subjects not normally offered on campus through distance learning. The high school provides a faculty facilitator to assist with these lessons. A list of classes offered can be found through the Guidance Department area of this site. Honors classes are offered in each subject in the lower grades so that students are prepared for the rigor of these programs. Students who are interested in achieving a high score on the ACT/SAT for scholarship use benefit from tutoring provided through our Counseling Department. Because of our small size and supportive administration, our faculty has been able to cater offerings to student interests on a yearly basis. We have created a Science Bowl, Drama Club, Winter Guard, and Crossfit program when interest was shown.

Our extra-curricular activities regularly compete and win against schools two to three times our size on a national and state level. Our rifle team has won several National Championships with the most recent being in 2012. Our music department has won numerous awards in and out of the state of Alabama and was selected to perform at the Southeastern United States Honor Band & Clinic. Our athletic programs regularly participate in the Alabama High School Athletic Association playoff system. Students from each of these programs have received scholarship opportunities to continue their interests on a collegiate level.

One of the greatest things that sets Daleville apart is that we take a special interest in encouraging our students to participate in multiple activities around campus. We do this because we believe that the classical Greek ideal of education still holds a strong place in today’s society. Well-rounded teens turn into leaders in our communities and world. 

The student body of the high school is diverse and well traveled. Many students are dependents of military and civilian personnel assigned to the United States Army Aviation Center at Ft. Rucker. Students from Daleville have lived all over the world, creating a unique cosmopolitan experience in rural south Alabama. The system’s population is 50% White, 34% Black, 10% non-designated, and 6% identifying as Indian, Alaskan, Asian, Pacific Islander, and multi-racial.

As a member of the “Military Child Education Coalition,” the high school has created an outstanding Student2Student program rated in the top four in the world for transitioning students. Because of the transient nature of our military students, our student population has adapted into a group of teens that thrive on meeting new people. Our students have all had close friends and family move regularly during their life. They have come to truly value the importance of the individuals in their circle of friends. The reality of that experience is clearly evident in the warm, friendly culture that the student body has created.