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Addition of Daleville Middle School

The main campus of Daleville High School (9-12) is located at 626 N Daleville Ave.

The building housing Daleville Middle School (5-8) is connected to the high school and is currently under renovation. After construction concludes, the entrance to the middle school will be located on Donnell Blvd. The new address for the middle school is 285 Donnell Blvd, Daleville, AL  36322. 

Currently, DHS and DMS are using the N Daleville Ave entrance.


Athletic Event Locations

Football events for DHS & DMS take place in Livermore Field at Warhawk Stadium. The stadium is located at the back entrance of the high school on Donnell Blvd. 

Softball and baseball for DHS & DMS take place at the facilities attached to Windham Elementary School located at 200 Heritage Drive, Daleville, AL  36322. The softball field is within the new gym complex at Windham Elementary. The baseball field is located at the back of Windham.

Basketball and volleyball for DHS & DMS take place inside the new gym at Windham Elementary School.